Our Mission

At HeraldPR we have years of experience and success with handling tough situations. We are an extension of your team, acting as your spokespeople, crafting unique messages, preparing you for interviews, and controlling the narrative. We approach every client and sensistive situation differently, and handle all matters with the care and attention that they deserve.

Our full service public relations and digital marketing services complement one another. 

HeraldPR is a New York City based public relations & digital marketing firm with over 20 years of experience navigating complex situations for industries and individuals.

Let us assist you with getting ahead of and controlling the narrative.

Your experts for crisis prevention and mitigation.

49 West 38th Street, New York, NY  

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HeraldPR's Approach to Crisis Communications:

  1. Predict or Get Ahead of Crisis
  2. Find Qualified Communications Professionals
  3. Identification and Training of Spokespeople
  4. News Monitoring
  5. Identification of Stakeholders
  6. Continuously Assess the Situation
  7. Have Key Statements Developed and "in your pocket"
  8. React and Control the Narrative
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